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Team Elimination


Simple scenario, but always the most favourite! The two teams are positioned at their bases and wait for the marshal´s call to start the battle… Eight minutes should be enough to eliminate the opponent team. If neither team eliminates the other the game is considered to be a draw. No prisoners of war are allowed!

Difficulty: Easy



Capture The Flag

Perhaps the most common paintball game, your team’s goal is to retrieve the enemy’s flag and bring it back to your base. Each team’s flag is positioned close to their base, in a known location and cannot be hidden. In this scenario guarding your team’s flag is as crucial as sending a squad team to get the enemy’s flag. If the enemy gets your flag, hunt them down before they reach their base and bring your flag back...

Difficulty: Intermediate



Single Flag

A single flag is placed at centre field usually visible from team bases. The objective is to gain possession of the flag and place it at your opposition's base. Often it is necessary to eliminate all opposition players to achieve this. Centre flag games are used for 10 player competitions as this format produces fast action packed play and can be played on almost any field.

Difficulty: Easy



Doctor (Medic)

Real life war scenario... Cripple your enemy infrastructure to win the war...in this case their Medics! Each team gets to select one player to be assigned as a Medic. The Medics carry a gun and a shield and are distinguished using a protective vest to tell them appart from the other players. Medics have the power to revive the eliminated players who weren’t “deadly” shot on their head. Wounded players are trasferred at the center of the field and their medic must rush to their rescue. The wounded players are allowed to scream for help but not for intel information.

Difficulty: Intermediate

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